Oxygen charged JoJoba & Olive Oil with Frankincense


High Energy Means More Healing

What is OzoSoft?

OzoSoft is a therapeutic blend of ultra-pure olive and jojoba oil with frankincense. The oils have been infused over an extended period of time with precise amounts of a high energy form of oxygen called ozone. Ozone, which is formed in nature by energy sources such as the sun or electrical storms, is considered to be "activated" or "high energy" oxygen.

Ozone has a protective effect in our atmosphere and has been used for many years for practical purposes such as purifying water supplies and cleaning organic food. Plant oils are capable of being charged or saturated with ozone allowing for a therapeutic benefit for many skin conditions. This little known, but fascinating fact has been the subject of scientific interest and investigation and many have benefitted by the studies published from around the world

OzoSoft is special because of the "secret" ingredient included to boost potency. Frankincense is added for its royal fragrance and its reputation among the ancients as a potent method to treat a wide variety of skin conditions and other maladies.

And how does OzoSoft work?

Like the glowing 3rd ring in our logo, it is the 3rd molecule of oxygen in ozone that provides its energy. For OzoSoft, high energy means more healing benefits.

The ozone, or activated oxygen molecule is highly reactive. When OzoSoft comes in contact with dead skin cells, foreign molecules or microbes, the high energy molecule is capable of neutralizing or eradicating them. Ozone in OzoSoft destroys the germs, viruses and bacteria. After completing its work of skin cleansing and rejuvenation, the ozone molecule leaves behind pure oxygen which is then infused into the skin tissues restoring health to diseased areas. OzoSoft has both an anti-inflammatory and anti-germ effect, making it a product that has been used as an alternative to steroid creams, anti-bacterial ointments, anti-fungal compounds and anti-viral treatments.*

OzoSoft is "skin-friendly" with no preservatives, fillers, added chemicals or other chemical byproducts. Pure and simple—simply powerful to heal; That's OzoSoft.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory agencies

Nourish your skin with the power of activated oxygen—O3

OzoSoft - The Essential Oil

Why would we call OzoSoft an “Essential Oil”? When you have a product as versatile and effective against so many different skin conditions, it soon becomes clear that having a jar in your fridge or cabinet is absolutely essential! The activated oxygen found in OzoSoft, with its ability to accelerate healing, kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, as well as act as an anti-inflammatory gives this amazing gift of nature its power in treating many different skin conditions.

Here is a short list of examples of conditions that benefit from the effect of oils activated with oxygen:

  • Cleanses and clears acne
  • Heals skin cuts, scrapes, abrasions or wounds
  • Fungus infections in the skin or nails
  • Dandruff/damaged hair
  • Diabetic foot ulcers and infections
  • Cold sores, fever blisters
  • Eases pain and aids healing from sunburn or other burns
  • Bee stings, mosquito or bug bites
  • Heals rosacea, psoriasis, eczema
  • Non toxic treatment for diaper rash without stinging
  • Bacterial skin infections including bed sores, even swollen gums or gingivitis
  • It's good for your pets! Put it on their scrapes, wounds or infections



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Ozone activated organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, golden jojoba oil, natural shea butter, therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil.



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OzoSoft Activated Skin Essentials is a small business founded in early 2015, in the only “Blue Zone” in the United States, Loma Linda, California.

Blue Zones, as described by the author Dan Buettner, are areas found around the globe where the population enjoys much greater health and longevity than most other environments. In this environment of health emphasis, a new health boosting company was born and tested.

The business was envisioned after the founder met an old man with the best skin he had ever seen at a health seminar. Having had the old man’s secrets shared with him, he initially did nothing, until one day his wife’s rosacea and his own sun-battered forehead forced him to action. Finding nothing less than miraculous results on both of their conditions, he began testing samples with friends and family. They in turn begged for more of this revolutionary healing cream until a new company was born.

Today OzoSoft strives to bring education, expertise and products to the public, by providing a safe natural alternative for many skincare needs.